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Money can’t buy love and happiness

When I was young, my teacher asked how you can achieve love and happiness. I answered that money can buy love and happiness. She was furious at me for my answer but I was really serious at that time and meant my answer. 

I was young, naive, and emotionally hurt when I gave my answer because I just experienced my first breakup with my ex at that time. My ex broke up with me to be with another guy who just happens to be rich, thus creating the inception of the idea that money can buy love and happiness. 

I really believed that money can buy you love and happiness until recently. I had money as an adult and I used it to buy love and happiness. But was that true love and happiness? The answer is NO. It was just a temporary illusion of love and happiness and the more you engage in that illusion, the more you would want to seek true love and happiness. 

MY COMMENT POSTED IN THE ARTICLE OF TOMASINOWEB RE FIRST YEAR ENROLMENT THIS 2012-2013: “This is with regard to your article above saying that the passing rate of UST “remains above 50%”. Please be informed that 1. UST Electrical Engineering posted 90% passing rate last September 2011 and UST WAS THE ONLY TOP PERFORMING SCHOOL IN THE COUNTRY. 2. The Average Passing Rate of UST Civil Engineering the past years is MORE THAN 80 % WITH A LOT OF TOPNOTCHERS every year. 3. Industrial Engineering has produced at AT LEAST 5 TOPNOTCHERS PER YEAR, THE PAST 3 YEARS and the passing rate for I.E. in said certification examinations given by the Philippine Institute of Industrial Engineers las January 2012 was 90% 4. In the field of Electronics Engineering, UST has always been performing well all these years as TOP PERFORMING SCHOOL except in the controversial November 2010 Board Exams. UST bounced back in the May 2011 ECE Board and UST WAS THE ONLY TOP ECE PERFORMING SCHOOL IN THE COUNTRY. 5. 98 % (54 out of 55) students of ICS (Computer Science, Information System and Information Technology) passed the DB2 examinations given by IBM last year. We hope to have good results this school year 2012-2013, Mabuhay UST. Thanks a lot…. Dean Josefin de Alban, Jr of UST Faculty of Engineering.”

Josefin Siccuan De Alban Jr.

Dean of UST Faculty of Engineering

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